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LEGUMES CodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Organic Adzuki Beans6111$14.95$1.49Mornington
Organic Black Beans 6112$10.95$1.09All 3 Stores
Black Eye Beans 681270$12.95$1.29Eltham
Organic Chickpeas 6114$9.95$0.99All 3 Stores
Organic French Lentils 6115$10.95$1.09All 3 Stores
Organic Green Lentils 6120$9.95$0.99All 3 Stores
Organic Green Split Peas 51165$8.95$0.89All 3 Stores
Organic Lima Beans 5111$9.95$0.99Mornington & Doncaster
Organic Mung Beans625166$9.95$0.99All 3 Stores
Organic Cannellini/Navy Beans681208$6.95$0.69Mornington & Eltham
Organic Red Kidney Beans 6119$7.95$0.08All 3 Stores
Organic Red Lentils Split 51156$7.95$0.79All 3 Stores
Organic Soup Mix61856$12.95$1.29Mornington & Eltham
Organic Soy Beans61110$7.95$0.79All 3 Stores
Organic Chana Dahl 61855$9.95$0.10Mornington & Doncaster
Organic Moong Dal 581144$11.95$1.19Mornington & Eltham
Organic Toor Dahl 681207$9.95$0.99Mornington & Doncaster
Organic Urad Dahl681346$12.95$1.29Mornington
RICECodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Arborio Rice 61744$5.95$0.59Mornington & Doncaster
Organic Arborio Rice681242$13.95$1.39Mornington & Eltham
Organic Basmati Brown Rice61746$9.95$0.99All 3 Stores
Organic Basmati White Rice 61747$9.95$0.99All 3 Stores
Organic Black Rice 11304$16.95$1.69All 3 Stores
Organic Jasmine White Rice 61753$6.95$0.69Mornington & Eltham
Oranic Medium Grain White Rice61758$8.95$0.89All 3 Stores
Organic Medium Grain Brown Rice 61757$9.95$0.99All 3 Stores
Organic Wild Rice 61785$35.95$3.59All 3 Stores
PASTACodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Organic Amaranth & Rice Pasta 61775$28.95$2.89All 3 Stores
Organic Quinoa & Rice Veggie Pasta61791$29.95$2.99All 3 Stores
Organic 3 Grain Pasta681369$24.95$2.49All 3 Stores
Organic Quinoa & Rice Pasta61776$24.95$2.49All 3 Stores
Organic Quinoa & Rice Spaghetti681181$22.95$2.29Mornington
Organic Spelt Fusilli 681260$19.95$1.99Mornington & Eltham
Organic Spelt Casarecce 681297$19.95$1.99Mornington & Eltham
Organic Spelt Alphabet Pasta681310$19.95$1.99Mornington
Organic Spelt Fettucine681261$19.95$1.99Mornington & Eltham
Organic Spelt Rigatoni 681259$19.95$1.99Out of Stock


GRAINSCodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Bulger 681152$3.50$0.35All 3 Stores
Organic Couscous61750$13.95$1.39All 3 Stores
Organic Farro 625153$7.95$0.79All 3 Stores
Freekeh 61752$8.95$0.89All 3 Stores
Organic Pearl Barley 521168$5.95$0.59All 3 Stores
Organic Pearl Couscous681178$13.95$1.39All 3 Stores
Organic Polenta61762$6.95$0.69All 3 Stores
Organic Popping Corn61763$8.50$0.85All 3 Stores
Organic Rye Grain 681246$4.95$0.49All 3 Stores
Organic Wheat Grain 62130$4.95$0.49All 3 Stores
FLOUR CodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Organic Bakers White  Flour 61550$5.50$0.55All 3 Stores
Organic Bakers Wholewheat Flour681131$5.50$0.55All 3 Stores
Organic Khorasan White Flour 681308$6.95$0.69Mornington
Organic Light Sift Rye Flour 61533$5.95$0.59All 3 Stores
Organic Plain Unbleached Flour61536$5.95$0.59All 3 Stores
Organic Plain Wholemeal Flour 61551$5.95$0.59All 3 Stores
Organic Self Raising Unbleached Flour 61538$5.50$0.55All 3 Stores
Organic Self Raising Wholemeal Flour 61542$5.50$0.55All 3 Stores
Organic Spelt White Flour 61539$8.95$0.89All 3 Stores
Organic Spelt Wholemeal Flour 61540$8.95$0.89All 3 Stores
Organic Baking Powder 6945$29.95$2.99All 3 Stores
Gluten Free All Purpose Flour625147$9.95$0.99All 3 Stores
Gluten Free Self Raising Flour625148$9.95$0.99All 3 Stores
Organic Maize Flour61534$6.95$0.69All 3 Stores
Sorghum Flour 681138$5.95$0.59All 3 Stores
Organic Coconut Flour 51512$7.50$0.75All 3 Stores
Organic Chickpea Flour 61529$6.95$0.69All 3 Stores
Organic Semolina 681241$4.95$0.49All 3 Stores
Organic Arrowroot Powder 9463$16.95$1.69All 3 Stores
Organic Corn starch 681159$9.95$0.99Out of Stock
Organic White Rice Flour 61541$9.95$0.99All 3 Stores
Organic Millet Flour 681256$10.95$1.09All 3 Stores
Potato Starch 681327$5.95$0.59All 3 Stores
Organic Tapioca Starch/Flour 51552$7.95$0.79All 3 Stores
Organic Brown Rice Flour 61530$9.95$0.99All 3 Stores
Organic Buckwheat Flour 61531$8.95$0.89All 3 Stores


PSEUDO-GRAINS CodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Organic Amaranth 61743$8.95$0.89All 3 stores
Organic Millet Hulled625142$8.95$0.89All 3 stores
Organic White Quinoa 61773$11.95$1.19All 3 stores
Organic Red Quinoa61771$19.95$1.99Doncaster
Organic Tricolour Quinoa61772$13.95$1.39Mornington & Eltham
CEREAL GRAINS CodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Organic Rolled Oats 61760$5.95$0.59All 3 stores
Organic Steel Cut Oats61761$9.95$0.99All 3 stores
Organic Oat Bran 61759$7.95$0.79All 3 stores
Organic Wheat Bran 681160$5.95$0.59All 3 stores
Organic Rolled Spelt 61774$11.95$1.19All 3 stores
Organic Psyllium Husks 52339$28.95$2.89All 3 stores
FLAKESCodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Organic Rolled Brown Rice Flakes 61212$21.95$2.19All 3 stores
Organic Rolled Buckwheat Flakes 625149$23.95$2.39Mornington & Eltham
Organic Rolled Millet Flakes681321$27.95$2.79Mornington & Eltham
Organic Rolled Quinoa Flakes 625165$19.95$1.99All 3 stores
Organic Crunchy Buckwheat Flakes 681330$22.50$2.25Mornington & Eltham
PUFFSCodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Organic Puffed Amaranth 61764$38.95$3.89Mornington & Eltham
Organic Puffed Brown Rice 61768$24.95$2.79All 3 stores
Organic Puffed Buckwheat 61765$37.95$3.79All 3 stores
Organic Puffed Millet 61766$37.95$3.79All 3 stores
Organic Puffed Quinoa  61767$29.95$2.99All 3 stores
Organic Puffed Spelt 61769$38.95$3.89All 3 stores
MUESLI & GRANOLACodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Thrive Muesli 56254$15.95$1.59All 3 stores
Burnt Fig & Almond Baked Muesli 681333$37.50$3.75Mornington & Eltham
Paleo Granola 681201$53.95$5.39All 3 stores
Organic Fig & Pistachio Granola 681198$48.95$4.89Mornington
Organic Fruit & Nut Granola 681197$25.95$2.59Mornington & Eltham
Organic Chocolate Buckini Clusters 4132$28.95$2.89All 3 stores
Organic Caramelised Buckini Clusters 4131$19.95$1.99All 3 stores
Organic Paleo Protein Power Mix 4136$34.95$3.49All 3 stores
Organic Paleo Berry Chocolate Mix4135$34.95$3.49All 3 stores
Organic Buckini Nut & Seed Cereal 4140$32.95$3.29All 3 stores
Organic Birchia681347$39.95$3.99Mornington
Organic Eros Love & Vitality Granola681348$39.95$3.99Mornington


NUTSCodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Raw Pesticide Free Almonds 521167$25.95$2.59All 3 stores
Biodynamic Raw Almonds 52116$50.00$5.00Mornington & Doncaster
Organic Activated Almonds 68122$61.95$6.19All 3 stores
Dry Roasted Almonds61407$29.95$2.99All 3 stores
Blanched Almond Flakes3201$24.95$2.49All 3 stores
Blanched Almond Slivers3200$25.95$2.59All 3 stores
Blanched Almonds52114$21.50$2.15All 3 stores
Smoked Almonds52119$33.95$3.39All 3 stores
Tamari Almonds 51226$33.95$3.39All 3 stores
Cinnamon Almonds 681173$22.95$2.29All 3 stores
Organic Brazil Nuts 681390$23.95$2.39All 3 stores
Raw Cashews 52122$29.90$2.99All 3 stores
Organic Raw Cashews 621125$36.95$3.69All 3 stores
Dry Roasted Unsalted Cashews 681175$36.95$3.69All 3 stores
Dry Roasted & Salted Cashews625151$36.95$3.69All 3 stores
Deluxe Raw Mixed Nuts52173$31.95$3.19All 3 stores
Deluxe Roasted Mixed Nuts 52170$33.95$3.39All 3 stores
Raw Hazelnuts621126$39.95$3.99All 3 stores
Dry Roasted Hazelnuts 681255$39.95$3.99All 3 stores
Raw Macadamia681167$49.95$4.95All 3 stores
Organic Raw Macadamia621127$71.05$7.10All 3 stores
Dry Roasted & Salted Macadamia52127$54.95$5.49All 3 stores
Honey Roasted Macadamia52125$51.95$5.19All 3 stores
Blanched Peanuts 681300$8.95$0.89All 3 stores
Raw Peanuts52141$8.95$0.89Mornington & Eltham
Roasted & Salted Peanuts52140$10.95$1.09All 3 stores
Dry Roasted Peanuts169$10.95$1.09All 3 stores
Roasted Peanuts in Shells52129$10.95$1.09All 3 stores
Pecan Nuts 52142$44.95$4.49All 3 stores
Pine Nuts52143$69.95$6.99All 3 stores
Raw Pistachio Kernels Raw 681228$52.95$5.29All 3 stores
Roasted & Salted Pistachio in Shells61408$35.95$3.59 
Walnuts 52146$27.95$2.79 
Organic Activated Walnuts621129$59.95$5.95 
Organic Activated Pecans681350$69.95$6.99 
Organic Activated Brazil Nuts681351$69.95$6.99 
Organuc Activated Mixed Nuts 681349$69.95$6.99 


SEEDSCodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Organic Raw Buckwheat Kernels 61749$5.95$0.59All 3 stores
Organic Activated Buckwheat Kernels 681245$11.95$1.19 
Organic White Chia Seeds623122$17.95$1.79 
Organic Black Chia Seeds 623121$14.95$1.49 
Australian Hemp Seeds11305$39.95$3.99 
Organic Brown Linseed 623123$14.40$1.44 
Organic Pepitas623125$17.95$1.79 
Organic Activated Seed Mix681352$45.95$4.59 
Poppy Seeds 681166$13.00$1.30 
Australian Pumpkin Seeds 681274$45.95$4.59 
Roasted and Salted Pumpkin Seeds in Shell681278$10.95$1.09 
Organic Black Sesame Seeds 9462$16.95$1.69 
Organic White Sesame Seeds623126$14.95$1.49 
Organic Sunflower Seeds681288$11.95$1.19 
Organic Seed Mix681367$12.95$1.29 
NUT & SEED MEALSCodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Natural Almond Meal 621120$21.95$2.19 
Blanched Almond Meal 52113$23.95$2.39 
Organic Linseed Meal 681203$13.95$1.39 
Hazelnut Meal 581143$27.95$2.79 
LSA 21343$10.95$1.09 
NUT BUTTERCode300g Tub Store Availability
Almond Butter 172$10.95  
Organic Almond Butter 681134$19.95  
Almond, Brazil & Cashew Butter 625173$12.95  
Cashew Butter 625168$12.95  
Hazelnut Butter 681236$10.95  
Peanut Butter 68121$4.95  
Tamari Almond Butter 625182$10.95  


DRIED FRUITCodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Apple Rings5142$14.95$1.49All 3 stores
Turkish Apricots 5143$15.95$1.59 
Organic Turkish Apricots 61413$19.95$1.99 
Organic Whole Dried Banana61415$24.95$2.49 
Organic Blueberries 61405$69.95$6.99 
Organic Sour Cherries 625152$47.95$4.79 
Organic Fine Coconut 61416$12.95$1.29 
Organic Shredded Coconut 5145$11.90$1.19 
Organic Coconut Chips5144$12.95$1.29 
Organic Apple Juice Sweetened Cranberries 61417$33.95$3.39 
Cranberries Split 5146$13.95$1.39 
Organic Currants 61418$13.95$1.39 
Organic Medjool Dates51414$39.95$3.99 
Pitted Dates 61420$8.95$0.89 
Organic Figs61421$21.95$2.19 
Wild Figs52770$44.95$4.49 
Fruit Salad 51447$24.95$2.49 
Crystallised Ginger51416$19.95$1.99 
Organic Goji Berries 61422$39.95$3.99 
Organic Inca Berries61423$49.95$4.99 
Australian Natural Mango 681317$89.95$8.99 
Fruit Medley681339$28.95$2.89 
Mango Spears5148$17.95$1.79 
Paw Paw Spears 51453$13.95$1.39 
Pineapple Rings 51454$15.95$1.59 
Australian Natural Pineapple Slices681360$75.95$7.59 
Pitted Prunes 51411$15.95$1.59 
Organic Nectarines 681266$69.95$6.99 
Organic Raisins 61426$15.95$1.59 
Organic Sultanas 61427$15.95$1.59 
Organic White Mulberries681313$21.95$2.19 
SWEETENERSCodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Organic Coconut Sugar 625129$12.95$1.29 
Organic Rapadura Sugar 625130$8.95$0.89 
Organic Raw Sugar 625131$4.95$0.49 
Organic Maple Syrup6913$43.95$4.39 
Gippsland Honey 1kg tub4959$19.45  
Gippland Honey 500g tub681177$11.45  
Gippsland Honey 500g Glass Jar681342$12.95  


CHOCOLATE CodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Milk Chocolate Almonds2132$46.95$4.69All 3 stores
Dark Chocolate Almonds2131$46.95$4.69 
Milk Chocolate Banana2134$49.95$4.99 
Dark Chocolate Banana2133$49.95$4.99 
Dark Chocolate Black Cherries2135$52.95$5.29 
Dark Chocolate Blueberries2136$49.95$4.99 
Milk Chocolate Cashews681364$47.95$4.79 
Milk Chocolate Coconut2138$43.95$4.39 
Dark Chocolate Coconut2137$43.95$4.39 
White Chocolate Coffee Beans21311$46.95$4.69 
Milk Chocolate Coffee Beans21310$46.95$4.69 
Dark Chocolate Coffee Beans2139$46.95$4.69 
Dark Chocolate Cranberries21312$46.95$4.69 
Milk Chocolate Freeze Dried Strawberries  21314$66.95$6.69 
Dark Chocolate Freeze Dried Strawberries  21313$66.95$6.69 
White Chocolate Freeze Dried Strawberries681319$66.95$6.69 
Dark Chocolate Ginger21315$41.95$4.19 
Dark Chocolate Goji Berries12316$46.95$4.69 
Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts21317$46.95$4.69 
Dark Chocolate Honeycomb21318$46.95$4.69 
Dark Chocolate Inca Berries681363$43.95$4.39 
Milk Chocolate Licorice681271$41.95$4.19 
Dark Chocolate Licorice21319$41.95$4.19 
White Chocolate Macadamias21323$49.95$4.99 
Milk Chocolate Macadamias21322$49.95$4.99 
Dark Chocolate Macadamias21320$50.95$5.09 
Dark Chocolate Dusted Macadamias21321$51.95$5.19 
Moon Macadamia21324$63.95$6.39 
Milk Chocolate Peanuts681370$41.95$4.19 
Dark Chocolate Peanuts681205$41.95$4.19 
Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seeds681371$65.95$6.59 
White Chocolate Freeze Dried Raspberries681366$73.95$7.39 
Milk Chocolate Strawberries21326$52.95$5.29 
Dark Chocolate Strawberries21325$52.95$5.29 
Milk Chocolate Sultanas21328$41.95$4.19 
Dark Chocolate Sultanas21327$41.95$4.19 
Dark Chocolate Super Berries21329$59.95$5.99 
Milk Chocolate Buttons 21340$31.95$3.19 
Dark Chocolate Buttons 50%21341$31.95$3.19 
Dark Chocolate Buttons 70%681318$31.95$3.19 
Dark Chocolate Drops 50%681340$31.95$3.19 


LOVING EARTH CHOCOLATECodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Organic Creamy Coconut Mylk Chocolate 4133$68.95$6.89 
Organic Cashew Nut Mylk Chocolate681229$65.95$6.59 
Organic Salted Caramel Chocolate 4137$65.95$6.59 
Organic Dark 72% Chocolate 4134$68.95$6.89 
Organic White Chocolate681312$68.95$6.89 
Organic Mylk & Caramel Coated Almonds681168$83.95$8.39 
CAROBCodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Carob Buttons 7356$31.95$3.19 
Unsweetened Carob Buttons 7357$31.95$3.19 
Carob Banana 7358$41.95$4.19 
Carob Frogs 7368$20.95$2.09 
Carob Fruit & Nut Clusters 581148$31.95$3.19 
Carob Ginger 7360$34.95$3.49 
Carob Honeycomb7361$31.95$3.19 
YOGHURT COATEDCodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Yoghurt Sultanas52768$15.95$1.59 
Yoghurt Apricot & Almond Bites7363$29.95$2.99 
Yoghurt Fruit Balls 7364$29.95$2.99 
Yoghurt Fruit & Nut Clusters 7369$33.00$3.30 
LICORICECodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Organic Spelt Licorice68011$26.95$2.69 
Organic Wheat Licorice68040$26.95$2.69 
Organic Raspberry Licorice68041$49.95$4.99 
SNACKSCodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Apricot Coconut Slices 51467$16.95$1.69 
BBQ Corn Crisps 52763$14.95$1.49 
Dry Roasted Chickpeas 52799$14.95$1.49 
Roasted & Salted Chickpeas681275$14.95$1.49 
Organic Corn Chips681162$19.95$1.99 
Coated Green Peas Coated 52760$11.95$1.19 
Wasabi Coated Green Peas 52761$11.95$1.19 
Hot Mix 52764$14.95$1.49 
Pretzels 52758$11.95$1.19 
Rice Cracker Mix 52759$11.95$1.19 
Sweet Potato Chips681163$19.95$1.99 
Natural Trail Mix 52171$14.95$1.49 
Paleo Trail Mix 52172$35.95$3.59 
Veggie Chips 521169$36.95$3.69 
Nutty Sesame Bars681311$19.95$1.99 
Organic Activated Yummy Beans681353$50.95$5.09 


CACAO CodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Organic Cacao Butter 625174$39.95$3.99All 3 stores
Organic Cacao Nibs 52455$29.95$2.99 
Organic Cacao Powder624128$19.95$1.99 
Organic Creamy Drinking Chocolate 4275$32.95$3.29 
POWDERS & SUPERFOODSCodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Organic Acai Powder 624467$249.99$24.99 
Organic Barley Grass Powder681155$93.95$9.39 
Organic Bee Pollen 624138$79.95$7.99 
Organic Beetroot Powder 681269$28.95$2.89 
Organic Carob Powder 7362$14.95$1.49 
Organic Coconut Milk Powder681273$38.95$3.89 
Organic Hemp Protein Powder 681161$56.00$5.60 
Organic Lucuma Powder 681176$65.95$6.59 
Organic Maca Powder 42515$57.55$5.75 
Organic Matcha Powder 681145$125.00$12.50 
Organic Mesquite Powder 624136$39.95$3.99 
Organic Chaga Mushroom Powder681302$160.95$16.09 
Organic Lions Mane Mushroom Powder681303$155.00$15.50 
Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Powder681304$160.95$16.09 
Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder681305$149.95$14.99 
Orgainc Reishi Mushroom Powder681326$179.95$17.99 
Organic Shiitake Mushroom Powder681338$199.80$19.98 
Organic Camu Camu Powder681306$107.95$10.79 
Organic Activated Coconut Charcoal681322$39.95$3.99 
MSM Powder 68010$59.95$5.99 
Slippery Elm Bark Powder 171$159.95$15.99 
Organic Spirulina624135$95.95$9.59 
Organic Sprouted Pea Protein Powder 52123$32.95$3.29 
Vanilla Bean Powder 811$275.00$27.50 
Organic Wheatgrass Powder624139$93.95$9.39 
Xantham Gum 681180$29.95$2.99 
Vanilla Beans681293$6 Each  


COFFEECodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Organic Coffee Beans 681154$39.95$3.99All 3 stores
Organic Coffe Beans 1kg Bag    
TEACodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Organic Ashwagandha Tea681252$69.95$6.99 
Organic Chamomile Tea69120$79.95$7.99 
Organic Cinnamon Tea 681226$74.95$7.49 
Roasted Dandelion Tea681323$59.95$5.99 
Organic Ginger Tea681221$59.95$5.99 
Organic Hibiscus Tea 681253$69.95$6.99 
Organic Indian Tea Spice Mix (Chai) 681220$64.95$6.49 
Organic Lemongrass Tea 681219$69.95$6.99 
Organic Licorice Root Tea 681224$59.95$5.99 
Organic Milk Thistle Tea 681251$69.95$6.99 
Organic Moringa Tea681264$49.95$4.99 
Organic Neem Tea681267$49.95$4.99 
Organic Nettle Tea 681222$69.95$6.99 
Organic Peppermint Tea 69119$69.95$6.99 
Organic Roasted Chicory Tea 681225$39.95$3.99 
Rooibis Tea681324$69.95$6.99 
Organic Tulsi Tea 681263$49.95$4.99 
Organic Black Tea 681172$59.95$5.99 
Organic Green Tea 681247$69.95$6.99 
Organic Earl Grey Tea 681244$59.95$5.99 
Organic English Breakfast Tea681272$59.95$5.99 
Organic Chillax Tea681354$142.50$14.25 
Organic Fire Starter Tea681355$185.00$18.50 
Organic Tummy Tea681356$106.95$10.69 
Organic Morning Glory Tea681357$106.95$10.69 
Organic Immuni-Tea681358$106.95$10.69 
Organic DM Tea681365$106.87$10.68 
HERBSCodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Organic Basil 61781$69.95$6.99 
Dill Tips681376$69.95$6.99 
Organic Oregano 68114$69.95$6.99 
Organic Parsley 681223$69.95$6.99 
Organic Rosemary 68103$69.95$6.99 
Organic Sage 68104$69.95$6.99 
Organic Thyme 68130$69.95$6.99 
Marjoram (Rubbed)681375$32.95$3.29 
Organic Mixed Herbs681276$69.95$6.99 


SALTCodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Celtic Sea Salt Fine 624133$13.95$1.39 
Himalayan Pink Salt Fine 624132$6.95$0.69 
Himalayan Pink Salt Coarse 625143$6.95$0.69 
Sea Salt Flakes681337$40.95$4.09 
SEAWEEDCodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Tasmanian Mekabu Seaweed681248$339.95$33.95 
Tasmanian Wakame Seaweed681249$399.95$39.99 
YEASTCodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Brewers Yeast 681174$24.95$2.49 
Instant Baking Yeast681148$13.95$1.39 
Nutritional Yeast 625155$49.95$4.99 
SPICES- WHOLE/SEEDSCodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Organic Aniseeds61780$69.50$6.95 
Organic Bay Leaves6782$59.95$5.99 
Organic Black Mustard Seeds 68115$49.95$4.99 
Organic Caraway Seeds 6783$64.95$6.49 
Celery Seeds681378$22.50$2.25 
Organic Green Cardamom Pods 68128$149.50$14.95 
Organic Chilli Flakes 681165$59.95$5.99 
Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Quills 6788$109.50$10.95 
Organic Cloves 6789$139.95$13.99 
Organic Coriander Seeds 6791$59.95$5.99 
Organic Cumin Seeds 6793$64.95$6.49 
Organic Curry Leaves 681179$74.95$7.49 
Dill Seeds681377$19.95$1.99 
Organic Fennel Seeds 6795$69.95$6.99 
Organic Fenugreek Seeds 11307$39.95$3.99 
Organic Nigella Seeds61406$59.95$5.99 
Organic Nutmeg 68117$144.95$14.49 
Organic Black Peppercorns 68102$69.50$6.95 
Organic Star Anise 68105$69.50$6.95 
Star Anise681373$49.95$4.99 
Organic Yellow Mustard Seeds68108$49.50$4.95 
Rainbow Peppercorns681336$69.95$6.99 
Whole Chillies681362$24.90$2.49 


SPICES- GROUND/POWDERCodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Asafoetida (hing powder)625185$95.95$9.59 
All Spice (Pimento)681374$34.95$3.49 
Organic Ground Cardamom 6784$169.95$16.99 
Organic Ground Cayenne Pepper 6785$59.95$5.99 
Organic Chilli Powder 6786$59.95$5.99 
Organic Ceylon Ground Cinnamon 6787$74.95$7.49 
Organic Ground Cloves 681184$144.95$14.49 
Organic Ground Coriander 6790$54.95$5.49 
Organic Ground Cumin 6792$59.50$5.95 
Organic Ground Fennel6794$59.95$5.99 
Organic Garlic Granules6797$59.95$5.99 
Organic Garlic Powder681183$54.95$5.49 
Organic Ginger Powder6798$54.95$5.49 
Organic Ground Nutmeg68100$149.95$14.99 
Organic Onion Flakes68101$59.95$5.99 
Organic Onion Powder681233$59.95$5.99 
Organic Ground Paprika Sweet 68106$79.95$7.99 
Sumac 68119$36.95$3.69 
Organic Yellow Mustard Seed Powder681307$55.95$5.59 
Organic Ground Turmeric 5%+ Curcumin 68107$49.50$4.95 
Organic Ground Black Pepper681320$69.95$6.99 
Savoury Mixed Spice681332$21.95$2.19 
Chinese Five Spice681335$27.00$2.70 
SPICE MIXESCodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Organic Butter Chicken Spice Blend69118$59.95$5.99 
Organic Hot Curry Powder68009$59.95$5.99 
Organic Mild Curry Powder6799$59.95$5.99 
Organic Garam Masala6796$69.50$6.95 
Organic Oriental Fish Blend681227$59.95$5.99 
Organic Shahi Korma Blend681265$59.95$5.99 
Organic Tandoori Masala Blend69117$59.95$5.99 
Organic Vindaloo Curry Blend681156$59.95$5.99 
BROTH & STOCKCodeEach Store Availability
Vegetable Stock Liquid 500g681170$9.95  
Chicken Broth Liquid 500g681299$12.95  
Beef Broth Liquid 500g581147$12.95  


COCONUT OIL CodeEach Store Availability
Organic Niugini Coconut Oil 320ml 625158$9.95  
Organic Niugini Coconut Oil 650ml 625159$11.95  
Organic Niugini Coconut Oil 1 Litre 625160$24.95  
Organic Niugini Coconut Oil 5 Litre Tub 625161$79.95  
Organic Coconut Oil 1L 625170$17.50  
SOAP BARSCodeEach Store Availability
Organic Niugini Coconut Oil Lavender Soap Bar 625162$3.95  
Organic Niugini Coconut Oil Patchouli Soap Bar  $3.95  
Organic Niugini Coconut Oil Lemongrass Soap Bar  $3.95  
Organic Niugini Coconut Oil Unscented Soap Bar  $3.95  
HOUSEHOLDCodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Abode Dishwashing Powder8818$9.95$0.99 
Abode Front & Top Loader Laundry Powder8819$9.95$0.99 
Abode Laundry Soaker Powder 681292$9.95$0.90 
Abode Lavender & Mint Laundry Liquid8817$9.95$0.99 
Abode Eucalyptus Laundry Liquid8816$9.95$0.99 
Abode Lavender & Mint Dish Liquid8814$9.95$0.99 
Abode Ginger & Lemongrass Dish Liquid8815$9.95$0.99 
Abode Lavender & Mint Surface Cleaner8811$9.95$0.99 
Abode Ginger & Lemongrass Surface Spray 8812$9.95$0.99 
Abode Rosemary & Mint Bathroom Cleaner8813$9.95$0.99 
Abode Lavender & Eucalyptus Floor Cleaner8810$9.95$0.99 
Abode Wool & Delicates Wash681287$9.95$0.99 
Biologika Organic Coconut Shampoo681211$17.95$1.79 
Biologika Organic Coconut Conditioner681212$17.95$1.79 
Biologika Organic Hand & Body Wash681213$17.95$1.79 
Citric Acid  681279$13.00$1.30 
Magnesium Sulphate – Epsom Salts68109$4.95$0.49 
Sodium Bicarbonate – Aluminium free51951$4.50$0.45 
Shea Butter681289$29.95$2.99 
BULK LIQUIDSCodePrice/KgPrice/100gStore Availability
Organic Tamari6911$29.95$2.99 
Organic Olive Oil581146$28.95$2.89 
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar6912$11.95$1.19 
Hemp Seed Oil6914$39.95$3.99 
White Vinegar681294$1.65$0.16 


CANS – 250mlCodeEach Store Availability
Apple Crisp $3.00 Mornington
Cherry Plum $3.00 Mornington
Ginger Berry $3.00 Mornington
Ginger Lemon $3.00 Mornington
Lemon, Lime & Mint $3.00 Mornington
Peach $3.00 Mornington
Raspberry Lemonade $3.00 Mornington
SMALL BOTTLES – 330ml CodeEach Store Availability
Apple Crisp $4.95 Mornington
Cherry Plum $4.95 Mornington
Ginger Berry $4.95 Mornington
Ginger Lemon $4.95 Mornington
Hibiscus Kiss $4.95 Mornington
Lemon, Lime & Mint $4.95 Mornington
Original $4.95 Mornington
Passionfruit $4.95 Mornington
Peach $4.95 Mornington
Raspberry Lemonade $4.95 Mornington
LARGE BOTTLES – 750ml CodeEach Store Availability
Apple Crisp $7.95 Mornington
Cherry Plum $7.95 Mornington
Ginger Berry $7.95 Mornington
Ginger Lemon $7.95 Mornington
Lemon, Lime & Mint $7.95 Mornington
Peach $7.95 Mornington
Raspberry Lemonade $7.95 Mornington